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This podcast is about Mental Health and ways to better yourself. My hope is to reach out to everybody through this podcast and even touch deeply on certain topics. A mixture of humor in between, I hope and pray you to enjoy my shows. Because I can guarantee you, they are unique in their own right. 


Mentally Healthy is not responsible for the reaction of others, nor held accountable for anything offensive in any episode or referencing anything. All episodes created or released are to inform as well as to entertain. Anything said by Mentally Healthy himself is not held liable during his episodes.

Each viewer is responsible for how they react and interact with the author himself.

7.26.2021. 2:06PM central

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About the Host

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Jacob Thornton


He is the CEO/Founder of MentallyHealthy and the founder of the website
He first started his Podcast Journey on May 5th of 2018 one day by taking his trash bag down to the driveway of his Dumpster for the local Garbage man to empty. He then found an audio platform on his Facebook feed called Anchor.FM thinking nothing of said application downloaded it onto his phone. (Iphone8 but who's keeping track?). Literally Created his podcast platform Called "Mentally Healthy" recorded his first episode and from then on out... The name Mentally Healthy took on a life of its own! Jacob [His short name Jake] has been proudly running his platform for four years! Continues to do so despite obstacles in his way.
He then created this website which you see before you. He has hosted seven to fifteen different people on his show, and has been a guest on other Podcaster's shows as well! He has had three sponsors for his shows too.

Trust us when we say Jake is no stranger to opportunity and consistency.
He also has been living with a Mental Illness called HFA which stands for High Functioning Autism. Essentially, can perform daily functions without any assistance whatsoever! When Jake isn't planning out his next episode or planning out his next show via Youtube (ironically enough is called MentallyHealthy). he is either at his local gym or out running the roads training for his next race!