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Advice concerning relationships
Relationship Advice Toxic

Toxic People and Toxic Parents.

Jake explains ways to deal and handle toxic people and also talks about how toxic parents can affect a child's life. Check out my website for updates! https://www.podpage.com/mentally-healthy/

Relationship Advice

Abuse In Relationships

Your host Jake talks about what it is like to experience emotional and mental abuse within a relationship and shares his experience with being in one. Not only does he do so, but he also defines what being in an emotionally a...

Mental Health Relationship Advice Venting Episode Toxic


The Thousand Scars Series entails the podcaster jake and his perilous struggles throughout life and willingly shares his thoughts, feelings, and ideas throughout the series and how you can best cope with your own personal str...

Relationship Advice

Autism and Relationships

This fine episode Jake talks about Autism and Relationships and how the two can go hand in hand! Follow my Like and join my Facebook page for updates! https://www.facebook.com/JacobsSeries/?view_public_for=110762700397068 htt...

Mindfullness Relationship Advice

Superpower point of difference.

Hello everybody how are we doing today? I hope all is well, today on my show I have a special guest from Australia Melinda Livingstone. You're in for a treat because this show is going too knock your socks off! --- This ...

Mindfullness Relationship Advice Venting Episode Toxic Episode Careers Trailer Misc


Today, I decided I would give all of you a little mash up of my past, present, future podcasts! I know I have thrown them in before!!! So, I decided due too the coronavirus going around ( apology for the mention) . I'd mash u...