Dear Valued Audience Members

Dear Valued Audience Members

I Jake, am terribly sorry for being absent and behind on episodes lately. I've been going through some hard times outside of this podcasting gig. I have been focused on The season of Story Time, and the COVID.19 series. That I have truly forgotten my main focus. My main focus is too provide new and exciting content for you guys! Ya know? Something different and organic. Something authentic. Some content you can relate too. I don't want too provide the same boring unauthentic in-organic material, everyday! Other wise you guys would get extremely bored of my episodes!!! I really don't want that too ever happen!!

So without further adieu, I will provide more exciting episodes for you guys from here on out. If you want a continuous series too happen, all you have too do is reach me by email [] and ask, along with giving me ideas!! I will do my best too involve your ideas with my podcast.



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