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This guy has BOTH a Website and an ONLINE STORE?!

I am completely blown away at what Mentally Healthy has! You know I remember hearing about Mentally Healthy back in 2018. Do you know what I said to myself? I said, "This person is going places and will become a star one day." Mentally Healthy is doing just that! He's freaking amazeballs man! I love how he consistently updates his website and has a new online store that he has. New products every day?! On an Etsy??? Nobody updates their products as frequently as Mentally Healthy does on Etsy! I love this dude. Five Freaking Stars!


I love this dude bro

Legitimately Awesome Website!

Every time I come across this website and see all the cool badass designs on here. I get so jealous! Mentally Healthy, is super creative at these sorts of stuff!! I would love to be his Protégé! Mentally Healthy is just inspiring!

Freaking fantastic!!!

This guy has the best website and the best podcast in the biz. He's number 1 in our books for sure!

Keep at it!

Don't give up. You're amazing!

MentallyHealthy is THE MAN!!

This man is just freaking awesome! Every episode that has been released. I personally have been a fan of Mentally Healthy since his first episode!!!! He is the bomb-digity!! For sure, despite his disability. He still manage's to release awesome content! He for sure is THE MAN!


We love how supportive this Mentally Healthy guy is on his podcast. Even though some of his episodes are out of character. That's just what makes Mentally Healthy genuine and unique. Our family loves him and appreciates how authentically organic his episodes are. Keep going man!


This guy is awesome to listen to. Every time Mentally Healthy releases a new episode, I start jumping for joy! Keep up the great work!!


This dude is awesome! I cannot get enough of his podcast!!!

Good Stuff bro! Keep up the radical work my brother!

This Jake character really brings some good stuff to the podcasting realm. If I ever got the chance to meet this guy. Man. I would have my picture taken and my wallet autographed. I would make this dude famous!


Very introspective podcast. I find it fascinating to dive into the mind and understand the perspective of a young man facing all the challenges in todays world.